Cannabis Oil that contains THC is Illegal in Japan


Cannabis Oil that contains THC is Illegal in Japan

Do not be seduced by advertisements from people offering FULL SPECTRUM CBD Oil in Japan. If it is Full Spectrum it contains THC which is illegal in any amounts.

All our CBD Oils are either Broad Spectrum or Isolate which contains 0.0% THC which is the only legal acceptable permitted level by the Japanese Government.

We view our Japan line of products (CBD + formulated terpene profiles) to be quite similar to “Broad Spectrum” products because of the added terpenes! We often refer to these products as “Enhanced CBD Isolate” and you can too.

Many of the benefits of our products come from the presence of these whole plant terpenes and their specific combinations found in the different lines of products. It’s what makes The Dreamer wonderful for sleep or The Muse a great antidote to anxiety and mood regulation. We often have customers tell us that they can use much less of our product compared to other CBD Isolate products because of these terpenes (increased benefits and effectiveness due to the synergistic effects between CBD and plant terpenes) – not to mention they taste lovely!

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